Beef Shares
$ 250.00
Buying meat in bulk saves you money. It's a great option for families who want the convenience of having a variety of cuts available to them at any time. 

For whole shares of beef, you get to choose how you would like the beef cut and packaged. You can customize the thickness of the steaks, sizes of the roasts, whether you would like cuts bone in or boneless, etc. For half and quarter shares, our standard cuts are included. These cuts include:
Ribeye, Filet Mignon, T-Bone (or New York Strip), Top Sirloin, Skirt, Sirloin Tip, Short Ribs, Ball Tip, Tri Tip, Flank, Chuck, Rump, Top Round, Bottom Round, Brisket and Ground Beef. 

All the cuts are vacuum sealed and you have a year from the package date to enjoy the meat, as long as the packaging doesn't get damaged. The ratio of steaks to roasts to ground beef typically ends up being equal, meaning from your overall weight, you'll get about 1/3 steaks, 1/3 roasts and 1/3 ground beef - so it's a nice big variety!

As a general guideline, a whole share of beef is approximately 425 lbs of cut and wrapped meat, bones and offal ready to be placed into your freezer. Half shares are around 215 lbs and quarter shares are around 100 lbs. Every steer will have a slightly different weight, so these "take home" weights are approximates and will fluctuate. 

Upon confirmation, a $250 deposit is due. At this time, we will schedule a date for delivery or pick up of your meat. Your balance, minus your deposit, is due upon receiving the meat. The cost per pound below is based on actual take home weights. 
Whole Share: $10.50 per pound
Half share: $11.50 per pound
Quarter share: $12.50 per pound

Our average cost per pound to buy cuts individually at any of our farmers market locations works out to be around $14.25 per pound, so it's a huge savings! 

The question we receive most is: "Will this fit in my freezer?"  A quarter share of beef will typically fit in a regular size freezer, assuming it's not completely full. One cubic foot of freezer space will accommodate around 30 lbs of meat and a standard freezer is seven cubic feet. For half and full shares, a chest or stand-up freezer is recommended. 

There is about a 3-4 week lead time required when ordering bulk beef. If you have further questions, please give us a call or send us an email!