Sausage Sausage
$ 12.00 $ 13.00

Our signature custom sausage will keep you coming back. We use our chucks, sirloins, rumps and rounds to make this lean, healthy sausage. Packaged in approximately 1 lb packages and encased in an all beef casing. They are great for a quick dinner and you can grill, saute or broil them or remove from the casings to saute in a skillet for sauces, frittatas, stuffing squashes, etc.  

You will find with our grass-fed beef sausages that they are leaner than traditional grocery store sausage. Because of this, they will cook significantly faster. It is recommended to cook them over medium-high heat for no more than 8-10 minutes to avoid overcooking them. If they do get overcooked, they will become dry due to the low fat content.

*All the sausages are made with gluten free spices, however, they are prepared in a USDA facility where cross-contamination could occur.