Brisket, approximately 3lbs - Autonomy Farms
Brisket, approximately 3lbs - Autonomy Farms Brisket, approximately 3lbs - Autonomy Farms
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Approximately 3.0 lbs each.

Of all the roasts, the brisket contains the most marbling. This nearly effortless brisket gets a festive red glaze from cranberries; their tart sweetness cuts through the savory onion and hearty brisket with ease.  Rewarming the brisket yields incredibly tender meat that soaks up the concentrated sauce.

Cranberry-Onion Hanukkah Brisket 
3 pound Brisket
4 cups Cranberries (fresh or thawed frozen)
3/4 cup Sugar 
1" strip Lemon peel + 2 T fresh Lemon juice
1 2oz envelope Onion Soup mix
S & P

Preheat oven to 325. Combine Cranberries, Sugar, Lemon peel & juice, and a pinch of S&P in an medium saucepan. Cook over medium heat, crushing cranberries with a spoon, until thickened. 

Remove from heat, stir in Onion Soup mix. Let cool at least 15 mins. 

Season Brisket with S&P on both sides.

Layer 2 large sheets of foil in a roasting pan, overlapping slightly to cover bottom of pan and letting foil extend 8" past both ends. Repeat with 2 additional sheets of foil placed crosswise (to form an "X"). Top with a sheet of parchment paper.

Spread about a quarter of the Cranberry Sauce on center of parchment and place Brisket, fat side up, on top. Spread remaining sauce over Brisket, top with another sheet of parchment, and wrap foil tightly around beef. Crimp to seal.

Place roasting pan on a baking sheet and braise in pre-heated oven for 3 hours. Uncover and let cool completely. Refrigerate 8 hours or up to 2 days.

Preheat oven to 325. Uncover Brisket and discard any fat that has solidified on surface of meat and drippings. Scrape Cranberry Sauce in to a bowl, set aside.

Transfer Brisket to a cutting board, and slice against the grain. Arrange slices in an ovenproof serving dish and spoon reserved Cranberry Sauce over top. Cover and bake in pre-heated oven until heated through, about 45 mins.