Medium Share Meat CSA Program
Medium Share Meat CSA Program Medium Share Meat CSA Program
$ 166.75

The monthly meat community supported agriculture program is built to save you money - you are investing in a quarter, half or full share, but receive the cuts monthly, instead of all at once. Receiving the cuts from your share monthly prevents you from having to purchase a chest freezer (if you would prefer to receive the cuts all at once, please review products under "Bulk").

The small distributions are built for 1-3 people, medium for 3-5 and large for 5+. Small boxes typically contain approximately 5-9 lbs of meat each month, medium 11-17 lbs and large 17-24 lbs. During summer months, we typically include more steaks and during the winter, more braising/slow cooking options. The weights of the boxes vary based on the actual value of the items included each month.

Each month, you will receive an assortment of roasts, prime cut steaks, miscellaneous steaks (short ribs, skirt steak, top sirloin, etc.) and ground beef. If you choose the chicken only, you will receive a mix of whole chickens, bone in breast, legs and thighs, and wings. If you choose the beef, lamb, chicken combo, you will receive an assortment of lamb cuts which could include roasts, chops, ribs and ground. We never include any organ meat or bones in the monthly distributions. Should you want to add pork, bones, additional ground beef, etc., as a member, you receive a 10% discount of any of your meat purchases.

Pick up at any of the local farmers markets we participate in or choose to have the meat shipped via UPS or delivered directly to you if you are within the Bakersfield or Los Angeles Area.