Pastured Chicken
$ 25.50

Our whole pastured chickens are one of our most popular items. We run the chickens through the vegetables rows after we've harvested. This gives them plenty of good food and in return, we get vegetable rows pest free and full of nitrogen. 

The chickens are never given soy or corn and are free of antibiotics - note that in the Unites States, it's illegal to give chickens hormones, so all poultry should be hormone free. 

We air dry the chickens and they are packaged without water or a salt solution, so you are only paying for the meat. It's important to know that if you are looking for our chicken to taste just like one you've purchased from a major retailer, you will want to brine it first, as that's how grocery store chickens are commonly packed. 

Whole Pastured Chickens. Approximately 4.25 lbs at $25.50 each
Soup Chickens. Vary in weights and sizes. $11.00 each