Autonomy Farms was created with the simple need of wanting something more. In our own search for seasonal produce and humanely raised meat and eggs, we realized a gap in the local marketplace. It's more obvious than ever that there is a disconnect from the farmer to the consumer; our goal is to help reconnect the two by having direct relationships within the local community. 

We respect nature and everything that comes with it. We recently purchased 20 acres which will allow for us to expand our chicken operation. The addition of this new land will also allow us the opportunity to host school field trips, events and tourism.  

Our meat chickens are raised on pasture, which we plant with clovers, alfalfa, grasses, barley and wheat. Our chickens are a cornish cross breed and are harvested between eight and nine week of age and live their life on the pasture. The chickens are supplemented a grain based feed that is soy-free and depending on the season, more or less feed will be supplemented based on the health of the pasture - remember, we are consistently over 100 degrees in the summer and have hard freezes in the winter, so the pasture gets stressed during these seasons. You will find our chickens to have less fatty dark meat and more meat per pound, as they are not injected with a saline solution before packaging.

Our hens are fed a diet partially consisting of flaxseed and fish oil which enrich their eggs with Omega 3 fatty acids. The feed is completely corn and soy free. The hens live in a mobile chicken coop, which is pulled through the vegetable rows and permanent pasture. This leads to the rich orange colored yolk and an overall better tasting egg. Our flock is currently about 750 birds. 

All of our cattle are grazed and harvested between 24-30 months old, once they reach about 1200 pounds. Due to the current drought that we are facing in southern California and the lack of grasses in the hills to graze, our cattle will have supplemental feed for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, let's all do the rain dance. 

Our lamb breed is Suffolk. The animals are harvested once they reach around 110 pounds. Their feed will vary during the time of year from all wild grasses to sprouted grain to hay.

Our pigs are Hampshires and are harvested at around 210 pounds. They are fed a local beer mash in addition to vegetable scraps. Our pork will have a decent amount of fat content and the meat is darker in color versus the more pink/white pork you would buy at a grocery store.

All of our animals are harvested in Southern California with the exception of our lamb, which twice a year is processed in Northern California. We choose to partner with smaller USDA facilities located within a 100 mile radius of the farm to help to minimize our carbon footprint, prevents the animals from being stressed during transport and allows us to support other small local businesses.